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How to develop a “Hello World” plugin in wordpress

Today i had been searching word-press official website for any tutorial for “how to develop a hello world plugin” and i couldn’t find any good tutorial for this. Then i studied some other tutorials and asked my friends about it and thought that why not i should post this on my blog with very simple words, so that others can find a good tutorial on this. So here we go for the tutorial….

That is all and we have now developed very simple “hello world” plugin in word-press. The whole code looks something like this,

<!--?php <br ?--> /*

Plugin Name: Hello world plugin

Plugin URI: http://codehicode.com/wordpress/

Description: Add HTML snippets to posts and/or page footer.

Version: 0.1

Author: Codehicode

Disclaimer: No warranty, use this in your own risk.


add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘hello_world_plugin_wp_footer’);

function hello_world_plugin_wp_footer(){

echo ‘

<div>Hello world! ‘. get_option(‘blogname’) .’</div>



Although this is a very simple plugin, but this teaches you how to take initiative for developing a plugin in word-press.

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