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db.collection.update(query, update, options) Modifies an existing document or documents in a collection. The method can modify specific fields of an existing document or documents or replace an existing document entirely, depending on the update parameter. By default, the update() method updates a single document. Set the Multi Parameter to update all documents that match the … Continue reading

How to encode video for mobile use

How to encode video for mobile use The bad news first. There are hundreds of mobile devices out there, and it’s basically impossible to support 100.0% of them. The good news is that mobile devices are getting better. Gone are the days when 176×144 3GP was synonymous with mobile video. Modern smartphones can actually play … Continue reading

How to Install and Use Another Desktop Environment on Linux

  Each Linux distribution comes with a single default desktop environment chosen from the many different desktop environments available for Linux. But you don’t have to stick with the default. Switching desktop environments is as simple as installing a software package and selecting your preferred environment on the login screen, known as a display manager. … Continue reading